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Flip-In Hair Flash

Ever fancied a flash of colour in your hair... to match an outfit or funk it up a bit?

If so, Flip-In Hair Flashes are the answer!

At only 5"/12cm wide they add a strip of colour that can be placed anywhere around the head.

Available in 8"/20cm and 16"/40cm for the bright colours. 8" looks great in the fringe! 

9 colours to choose from:

Royal Blue

Emerald Green




Burnt Orange




Or, for a subtle alternative, natural colours are available in 8"/20cm, 12"/30cm and 16"/40cm lengths.

Flip-In Hair Flashes can be heat styled to blend in with your own hair, giving a flash of colour as your hair moves.

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Have you always wanted eye catching fabulous flashes of colour in your hair without any damage or fading you get from colouring?… then Flip-In Hair Flashes were made for you!


Check out this funky collection of 5 inch (12 cm) wide colour flash extensions, each made from 100% human hair are available in 8 inch (20 cm) and 16 inch (40 cm) lengths. It’s the perfect way of adding a bold flash of colour through your hair and is available in 9 bright colours: Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Purple, Yellow, Neon Pink, Burnt Orange, Cranberry, Turquoise and Flame Red.


For a subtle alternative, check out our 12 natural flash colours: Black, Brown Black, Bourneville Brown, Rich Brown, Golden Brown, Caramel, Sun Blonde, Butterscotch, Light Auburn, Auburn, Plum and Light Blonde.


Flip-In Hair Flashes can be heat styled, cleansed and brushed just like you would your own hair, and because each extension is cuticle aligned, you’ll find it blends perfectly with your real hair, giving a flash of colour when you turn your head.